Self Care Workbook: Capricorn

Self Care Workbook: Capricorn


The self-care workbooks are 17-page personalized Astrological and herbal guides for the entire Winter season (December-March) and beyond. PLUS a 6-page resource guide as a quick tool detailing astrological and herbal terms, safety information, and more! 

What's included:

- Easy herbal recipes with ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen

- Personalized Astrological insight  

Timeless herbal information

- An abundance of customized meditation questions, journal prompts, affirmations and inspiration each month

- In-depth Monthly Horoscopes

- Accessible guidance for how to use, find and make herbal medicine safely on your own

- List of major Moon phases for each month 

PLUS a resource guide that offers:

- Suggestions for the best way to use your workbooks

- A glossary for Astrological and herbal terms used

- Places you can find any ingredients you don't already have

- Safety information for all of the herbs and recipes listed

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Workbooks for your Sun, Rising and Moon sign offer specific guidence and clarification as to what parts of your life are being spotlighted throught this Winter season. They contain meditation and reflection questions to help you make the most of each month. 

The workbooks also contain herbal recipes and suggestions along with information on how specific plants have been used magically and medicinally throughout history. 

Whitney and I have poured our hearts, souls and specialized esoteric and energetic knowledge into these books. We created them for one simple reason: we believe in you. We believe in your magic and your ability to heal yourself. We believe in giving you the tools and letting you decide when and how to utilize them. These digital workbooks are a soft-nudge in the direction of being an expert in all matters of self-healing. We hope you love them!