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Demystifying the process of “manifestation” so you can get everything you want with ease.

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Have you ever refreshed your email a million times, expecting to see something new?

Or obsessed over if someone was going to text you back, or not?

Have you ever had an incredible night dancing (AKA sweating) at the club, or got so immersed in drawing, painting or writing that you lost track of time?

These are all times when you were actively “manifesting.”

In fact, when you’re on the bus, in the shower, at work, on a date, or staring into your refrigerator, you are manifesting.

While you read this right now, you’re attracting and repelling experiences and deciding what will come next in your story.

Whether or not you “try,” you are constantly in the process of manifestation, and you control what you get out of it.

So, why not “manifest” intentionally? Attract what you actually want, like getting paid what you’re worth, or finding a partner who enjoys massaging your back as much as you like to be massaged.

The Manifestation Project will show you how.


Using the 12 signs of the zodiac as a guide, this project breaks the manifestation process down into easy, everyday practices, so you can live the life of your dreams, now.


If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed or confused by how to understand what you really want, how to ask for it, or what you’re supposed to do between the “wanting” and the “getting”, this program is for you.

On the first day of each Astrological season, for twelve months, your inbox will glow with content that will teach you how to figure out what your true desires are, how to get out of your head and enjoy the moment, how to set boundaries and keep them, how to let go of the old so the new has space to bloom, and more.

And, each month a different special guest will join me in conversation to give you their best tips and tools for how to get from where you are to where you want to be.


You can trade in “the cards you were dealt” for new ones and this is how you do it.


The nitty-gritty:

When you purchase this program you will:

  • Be all signed up for the monthly emails that will contain a downloadable PDF of actionable content, an audio recording that includes an exclusive interview with the special guest of the month, and bonus resources to help you really super-charge your manifestations.

  • Get access to an interactive version of the course where you can join in on conversations and answer the questions in the course directly without having to have Facebook.

  • Be automatically entered into all of the exclusive giveaways that happen within the program each month, where you can win a product, service, or other coveted offer from the special guest of the season.

  • Be a part of a private Facebook community of like-minded people who are also in the program where discussion, troubleshooting how to put things into practice, and triumph can be shared, as well as digging deeper into certain questions and themes from the program.

  • Be making an incredible investment in your mental, emotional, sexual, and physical health that will improve your life irrevocably.


How and when will I get the content?

A: Each month, the content will be sent straight to the email address you input when you purchase, so you can keep it for life and refer back to it whenever you feel like you’re losing your way.

PLUS the content will be uploaded to an interactive interface where you can answer the questions and have conversations with me and the rest of the people in the program directly!

If you purchase a spot in this project after the date 03/19/2019, you will still get all of the twelve months of content. Whatever you missed will be linked in the first email of the season you joined, and you can start from Day One in the course and move at your own pace.

The release dates are as follows:

Aries: March 20th

Taurus: April 20th

Gemini: May 21st

Cancer: June 21st

Leo: July 22nd

Virgo: August 23rd

Libra: September 23rd

Scorpio: October 23rd

Sagittarius: November 22nd

Capricorn: December 21st

Aquarius: January 20th, 2020

Pisces: February 18th, 2020

Is there a payment plan?

A: No. The cost of the program is paid all up-front, and by month three the emails will feel like a thoughtful surprise gift from past you.

How do I know if this program is for me?

A: This program is for you if you’ve ever felt left out of the traditional rhetoric around “Law Of Attraction” and manifestation, but are ready to live the life you want. Manifestation is not just for those who have the privilege of responding to everything with “love and light,” and it’s not just about “thinking better thoughts.” This program addresses everything from “how do I even understand what I want?”, to knowing you deserve it, to what happens when you get what you asked for. If you’re ready to make a change and feel better in your body, relationships, work, etc, you’re in the right place.

How much work will I be doing?

A: Because we are always manifesting, being “too busy” to manifest is like saying you’re too busy to breathe. Most of the practices flow seamlessly with the lifestyle you already live. The point is to create shifts in your responses to situations, mend your perspective on what you deserve, and give you practices to use in moments of panic and worry to bring you back to center. You can take these practices as far as you want, but you will have access to the content forever, so there is no rush.

Got other questions or concerns? Email and we will get back to you ASAP!

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If you’re ready to say “yes” and embody the entirety of your potential, welcome.

I am beyond excited to be your guide on the journey from where you are to where your child self always dreamed you would be.