As profound as therapy, as casual as a conversation with your best friend, and exponentially more productive than either.



The O.G. Astrology reading.

For that moment when you realize you can’t ask your Astrology app questions and you're tired of trying to de-code the screenshot you took of your chart with just the jumble of internet info to help you.

This reading is perfect for your first-time or to check-in when you need a quick reminder of who the hell you are and what you’re here to do.

The Natal chart is where I get my intel on how the world sees you vs. how you see yourself, why you keep attracting the ‘wrong’ partners, and what your biggest challenges and assets are for making the kind of money you want to make (you know, the stuff that takes multiple sessions and thousands of dollars for a therapist to coax out of you).

This reading is the power-hour where I not only share my intel with you but also provide actionable insight on what it all means and how it can help you land the dream job, the ideal partner and become spiritually aligned, now.

60 minutes


AKA The best birthday present you could ever give to yourself.

The Solar Return chart is a celestial map of all the opportunities, challenges and overall themes that await you in your upcoming year. 

I come to the session ready to translate it from symbols and signs to plain English and work with you to create an actionable plan to slay the year. You leave the session ready to own your year and with the tools equipped to do it. It’s the gift that keeps on giving (until your next birthday).

Plus, when you get this reading it unlocks access to my private check-in sessions, a short (and cheap) way to check in if you get off track, or if everything goes eerily smooth and two months later you’re ready for a brand new plan!

**Best if booked the week-of or within 3 months of your birthday**

45 min



Note: All readings are conducted via Skype unless otherwise booked or arranged via email. Please read the Terms of Service page prior to booking.

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