Venus Retrograde Guide (Digital Download)


Venus Retrograde Guide (Digital Download)


Been thinking about your ex and wondering what went wrong?

Do you struggle to figure out how to be a “good partner”?

Have you convinced yourself that you just “don’t know how to do relationships”?

Feel like you’ve hit a wall with communication or intimacy with your romantic or sexual partners?

Or, do you struggle to feel like what you bring to the table is enough?

Well, welcome to Venus Retrograde;

a time where all of these things can be addressed, healed and bettered, or when everything may feel like it’s crashing down around you.

Venus retrograde is when Venus, the planet of love and relationships, looks like it’s going backwards in the sky.

Just like Mercury retrograde effects all things communication and technology, Venus disrupts all things human connection.

This is a powerful astrological time and, if used right, it can change your love life for the better.

In order to reap this reward, you have to do the work of reflecting on where you’ve gone wrong and gather the tools you need so that you don’t repeat past mistakes.

That’s exactly why I created the Venus Rx guide; to help you meditate and reflect on what lessons the universe wants to teach you, according to where Venus is retrograding in your chart, now.

Because who doesn’t want to be a better lover and get what they want?

Using this guide, you’ll be able to pin-point what you can work on and use journaling, discussion and meditation to help you come to clear, life-changing conclusions.

AKA it will transform the way you find, give, and receive love, and how you act in and think about your platonic and romantic relationships, for life.

You ready?

Yes! Scroll down to buy below and change your love life indefinitely.

(Oh, and 10% of the profit made on this workbook will go to the Sex Workers Outreach Project USA.)

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This is a digital product that will be available for download immediately upon purchase. Thus, Per policy, there will be no refunds on this guide as it is available for immediate viewing and use.

*This guide will be most useful and accurate if you know your rising sign, which you can find by plugging your birth data into any online chart-calculator and looking at the sign your Ascendant (ASC)/first house is in.*