Jupiter in Sagittarius: The Guide (Digital Download)


Jupiter in Sagittarius: The Guide (Digital Download)

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Jupiter has moved into Sagittarius.

But who is Jupiter and what can she do for you?

Well, she’s already been hard at work, actually.

Have you ever had one of those moments, they’re kind of hard to describe because they just feel like everything in your body and spirit are screaming “yes” and “this is exactly where I’m supposed to be”?

Those moments of pure ease and bliss.

When you get accepted for something you spent weeks preparing and applying for.

When a notification comes in that your crush texted you back.

When you finally finish and send a school paper that was the product of eight hours staring at the screen, four hours typing and then deleting and then three solid hours of actual writing.

The moment of orgasm.

Floating on top of the waves of the ocean.

Or, when you bite into the perfect piece of cake and everything feels right? (sorry, is my Taurus showing?)

How about when you’re reading a book and something was phrased or written in a way that just makes everything in the world make sense for a moment?

Yeah, that’s her. Good ol’ Jupiter, putting you under her spell of yummy feelings and endless “yes.”

But, the thing is, all of these moments, these times that make life seem well worth the pain, trial and tribulation, they require initiation (as I talk about here).

You have to send a text to get one back, finish the paper and send it in, let yourself eat the cake, and apply for and accept the unbelievable offer you’ve been given.

You have to say “yes” to the experience of the thing, before you know what the outcome will be.

But you don’t always say yes to things, do you?

Because you don’t know if they’ll be “right” for you, or if you’re “good enough” or if they’re “meant for you.”

Well, that’s where I come in.

Jupiter moving into Professional Party sign Sagittarius wants to bring you all of the good stuff and help you expand beyond any visible horizon, but you have to know the address of the party to get in on the good time (you following?).

So, that’s why I created this guide.

It’s a roadmap to the exact spot where the Sagittarius party is happening in your chart.

A way to decode where in your life Jupiter wants to give you a boost and a blessing, so you can take it and thrive more easily and frequently in all things love, work, money, health, and self-care.

This guide will help you reflect on:

-How to be successful on YOUR terms

-What role your relationships play in your growth and prosperity

-What you actually want out of a relationship

-What your “message” is and the best way to spread it

And, the information within it is relevant until December 2019, which comes down to just cents on the dollar a month in exchange for the knowledge that you’re on the right track and guidence on how to keep going!

So, if you’re ready to live a life of glorious-moments-galore, scroll down and click the “BUY NOW” button (and then a few more buttons) and then the guide will be available for instant download so you can keep it for life.

* 10% of the profits from this workbook will go to the Middle Eastern Children’s Alliance (MECA) read more about them and their work here.*