Moon Meditations 

an opportunity to align your personal growth and emotional healing with the cycles of the moon.



  • a personalized synopsis of how each New and Full Moon phase will affect you

  • the opportunity to feel more acquainted with your Natal Chart

  • the ability to synch personal growth cycles with lunar cycles

  • consistent, personalized Astrological perspective 

  • a contained space and time for growth and reflection

  • better insight into the interworking of moon phases and their affects

  • tailored introductions to crystals

  • a heightened knowledge of Astrology and its applications in real-time


As a subscriber to MOON MEDITATIONS, you will receive a personalized synopsis of where each New and Full Moon fall in your Natal Chart and how this positioning may affect you and your life. This synopsis will then be accompanied by a list of three meditation questions and a crystal suggestion that aligns with the work of that cycle.

Information will be sent via email three days prior to the date of the New or Full Moon phase (Ex. information for the Full Moon on March 12th will be sent on March 9th).

“Powerful insight, beautiful words, would 100% do this program again”
— Jaay

Two Moon Cycle: $45

(One New Moon + One Full Moon)

4 Moon Cycle: $65

(Two New Moons and 2 Full Moons)

6 Moon Cycle: $80

(Three New Moons and Three Full Moons)




*Note: Although not obligatory, having already received a private reading or receiving a private reading prior to subscribing to Moon Meditations may be the best way to acquire a baseline understanding of your Natal Chart and get the most out of the Moon Meditations package. To book a reading, click here.