11:11PM: 5 Ways the Universe Sends You Signs and What They Mean


This year, November 11th is an especially magical date.

Not only is it 11/11 but 2018 breaks down to 11 as well (2+0+1+8), making today 11/11/11. What a day!

(Be sure to make some wishes or set intentions at 11:11AM, 1:11PM, 11:11PM or any other repeating-number times (like 4:44) today!)

So, I thought today would be an appropriate date to talk about some universal signs, how to spot them, and what they mean.

This list is in no way exhaustive, but these are some of the ways spirit has connected with me and some of the most common and obvious ways spirit tries to connect with all humans (and maybe other animals, too, who knows?).

So, in no particular order, here are five ways the universe sends us signs and what they mean.*

1. Angel numbers

Ever looked up at a clock and seen “5:55” or caught 11:11 AM or PM? This succession of numbers is a universal sign, it’s meaning based in the art of numerology. Similar to Deja Vu, anytime you notice double sets of numbers, especially multiple times in a day or week, the universe is trying to tell you that something is falling into alignment and to just have faith.

If you want to take some initiative, you can also close your eyes when you see these numbers and make a wish/ask for what you want the universe to align. If you keep seeing the same number repeating (it’s always 4’s or 1’s) you can google “the numerological significance of the number __” for that specific number, or buy a numerology book so you can look up to see if there is a more specific message to all of the numbers you see.

2. Animals

If any animal seems to be acting strange around you (staring at you from across the way, continues to follow you), or you keep seeing the same kind of animal wherever you go, it could be trying to send you a message. In this instance you can, again, google what this animal means, what its medicine or historical significance is, and see how you can use or apply whatever attributes, symbols, or messages that you find associated with it to you and your life.

Some animals who have brought really important messages to me are hummingbirds, salamanders dragonflies, crickets, and snakes.

3. Deja Vu

Those moments when you KNOW you’ve been there before. You know what is about to happen next, or what words are about to come out of somebody’s mouth. You feel it, not in your body, but in someplace else, somewhere you can’t quite put your finger on. This is Deja Vu.

The way I like to see Deja Vu is similar to Angel numbers. It’s a confirmation that everything that has happened up to that point was a part of your path. The universe is saying, “You’ve been in this moment before, which means everything you’ve done up until this moment was a part of the path here. You’re on the right track and we’re here guiding you, every step of the way. Don’t second guess any decision you’ve made up to now. Look onward to the future with the knowledge that you are being guided.” Pretty cool, yeah?

4. Dreams

Dreams and their significance have stumped scientists and regular folk alike for a long time, but spiritual people have always known that dreams are a spiritual experience, period.

If you believe in spirit guides, dreams are a way you can ask them to communicate with you, or you can just sort through the messages that your own subconscious is communicating to you through them, too.

It’s best to voice-record or write down what you remember of a dream before moving at all from where you were sleeping/woke up (“but then how am I supposed to get my journal or phone?” Moving your arm(s) slightly should be fine. Read on, smartypants.), and you should definitely do it before reading, or doing or seeing anything too influential.

Keep a dream journal within arm’s length of your bed, or use your phone if you keep it near your bed anyway, but DO NOT read texts or go on Instagram before you record your dreams! Write or speak as fast as possible about as much as your remember in as much detail as possible. Again, there are dream books that you can get to help you decode the symbols within your dreams (animals, scenarios, specific people or feelings, etc), but you can also just refer to what each symbol means to you in your waking life to piece together the potential meaning for yourself, which will also help you build a deeper relationship to both your subconscious and conscious mind.

5: Anything you want

The universe/God/whatever name you would like to give higher guidance, is always trying to help you. When you feel like something is a sign, trust it. Stop believing that things are just “coincidence.” Find meaning in every word, dream, color, animal, number, and synchronicity. If you’ve ever asked yourself “was that a sign?” it’s almost guaranteed that it was or you wouldn’t have even thought to ask. Trust yourself. You’re here for a reason, so why wouldn't everything that crosses your path not also be a part of that larger reason? Have faith that the universe is a benevolent fairy godmother, loving and guiding you through everything.

The more you pay attention to signs and believe in them, and yourself, the more signs you will get and the more magical, exciting, spiritual, and aligned your life will become.

Want a pro tip? Keep a small journal on you or tucked someplace special where you write down the date, time (if that matters), and details of whatever special occurrence happened (an angel number, where you were and what you were thinking, an animal sighting, a synchronicity, etc). That way, you can look back at the log whenever you’re feeling skeptical, lost, or pessimistic and be reminded that the universe has your back.

*This is MY interpretation of these signs and symbols. I deeply encourage you to find your own way of seeing and understanding how consciousness and your guides speak to you, and research other source’s ideas on this topic if you feel called to do so.

Jaliessa Sipress

I am an Astrologer, artist and writer focused on creating space for women of color to find calrity and direction in the stars.