Weekly Horoscopes (08/05-08/11)


This week has the power of magic and manifestation written all over it. 

With transits between the Sun and Jupiter, Venus and Jupiter, and Jupiter stationing direct on Sunday, all signs point to the energy of this time being the perfect environment for foundational work that will encourage explosive growth in the upcoming weeks.

But, Jupiter energy is something to be careful with. It’s like a growth potion that magnifies and multiplies wherever you sprinkle it.

Read the horoscopes for your rising, Sun, and Moon signs for advice on how to choose where you set your sights wisely.


New! I am changing the way horoscopes are done. Below you will see a comment box under each sign’s horoscope for the week. This box is for your own personal answers/immediate responses to the questions posed in the horoscope for that week; it could be how the content relates to you and where you currently are in your life, what you want to focus on this week, and/or how you’ll implement the information you just read.

This change is a response to the way I think horoscopes have become part of consumerist culture- read once and discarded, adding to all of the other noise on the internet that overloads our brains and never gets put to good use. This new form of interactive horoscopes is meant to create a space for you to stop, reflect, and set intentions for your week alongside a community. My content from here on out will be a product of what I learn from you through your answers each week. Join in below!

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(July 23-Aug. 22)

You’re extremely attractive in the eyes of those around you, this week. Remember that you don’t have to acknowledge or accept every advance. Many may try to convince you that what they’ve got is what you need. Before this week begins, define what it is that you need right now, in the context of what you’re working towards and what you’re intentionally moving away from. Define your own timelines, parameters, and boundaries before anyone has the chance to challenge them. You shine just as bright when no one is there to see it. Don’t get so wrapped up in the high of being seen by others that you forget how to see and hold yourself.


(Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

This week, let yourself fall out of the habit of trying to explain yourself or prove that what you’re doing is valid or that it “works.” Let your results speak for themselves. Work with careful intention and avoid asking others for their opinion or giving yours. This is your time to flex your intuition. Let others see how powerful you are without voicing it. Take a break from captioning and speaking on social media. Play with documenting and posting without context. Your quiet brilliance and lack of interest in other people’s approval are your best allies, at this time.


(Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

You’re on fire, right now, Libra. Love, money, friendship, it’s all available to you. The only thing standing in the way between you and the things you’re craving is your perception. Do you have a habit of only focusing on what’s off, especially when so many things are going right? Now is the time to work on that so you don’t self-sabotage your way back to square one. Find the mantras, meditations, communities, conversations, treatments, etc that help you keep your sights on what’s nourishing you and you’ll continue to win, this week.


(Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

There’s no better time than now to put yourself out there and push past your comfort zone in a big way. Maybe you send that pitch you’ve been writing and rewriting for moths, or get back in touch with that agent, or release that single you’ve been working on. Whatever you’ve been holding yourself back from because of your fear of its greatness, the time to commit to it, and truly stand behind your work with pride, is now. Make a list of three ways you can really push yourself, this week, specifically in relationship to the public eye and social recognition, and don’t back down.



(Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

It’s time to give everyone, especially yourself, a break, this week. Some levity and compassion are what will bring in the blessings you’ve been blocking. The behavior of rushing around and pointing fingers as to who and what stand between you and your ideal life is itself the barrier. How can you extend grace to the people, circumstances, places, and things that have been bugging you or making you feel small? What kinds of trips, rituals, movements, etc help you to re-ground into your own energy and power? Find your way back to these things everytime you drift into comparison or doubt, this week. You are exactly where you’re supposed to be.


(Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

There’s not a lot you can’t do-but that doesn’t mean you need to have your hand in everything. Take a look at your life and see what projects or positions you have your energy tangled up in that aren’t actually moving you in a positive direction, right now. Maybe you can delegate your part to someone else, or maybe it’s time to just take your hand off of the wheel entirely. Whichever action you choose, do it for you, in your way, and not in the way that you think will be most “convenient” or useful for other people. It’s time to center yourself and call your energy back to you, Capricorn. With the opportunities coming your way, you’re going to need it.


(Jan. 20-Feb.18)

This week is all about the restoration of balance. Where have you been putting too much of your energy and attention? And, what parts of your life, body, spirit, etc have you been neglecting? Did this imbalance come from fear? If so, how do you plan to address that so that your equilibrium isn’t thrown off in the same way again? It can be easy to ignore things that are hard and in-progress in favor of what is already “successful” or easy, but that’s not where the growth is. It’s time to face yourself. 


(Feb.19-March 20)

It may be tempting to get lost in “what ifs” and all of the anxiety that comes from thinking about everything but the present, but that’s not serving you. Right now, identify the cold hard facts of the situations you are trying to navigate instead of their potential. For example: make decisions about your relationships based on how those people are treating you right now rather than how they have in the past or how they might in the future. Dig your roots deep into the present so that you can make decisions that serve you and where you want to go from here.


(March 21-April 19)

When was the last time you did something “just because”? Went on a date, baked a cake, made a painting, etc, just because you wanted to, and not because of the outcome you think it would provide you? If it has been a minute, now is your time to indulge in these frivolous behaviours. What you learn about yourself when you are allowed to play and embrace the impermanence of things is priceless. Let the parts of you that are curious, excitable, and carefree take center stage, this week, and be open to what comes from it.


(April 20-May 20)

Right now, be careful of shrinking your needs, desires, and opinions to save face. When you hold back and accommodate others over yourself, you set a dangerous precedent and encourage others to walk all over you. Where in your life, right now, do you need to stand a bit stronger in your resolve? This isn’t about bullying anyone, pointing fingers, or making anyone feel small or guilty. Own your part in whatever you have let go too far, be honest about what you will do to fix it, and communicate how people can meet you halfway.



(May 21-June 21)

It’s a good time to figure out new ways to use your voice, right now. Maybe it’s practicing radical honesty in your relationships, starting a podcast or a radio show, or something else that uplifts your opinions and insights. In order for any venture you take on to be sustainable, any hang-ups you have around what you have to say being “worth it” or about the importance of your voice must be faced head-on and worked through, this week. Pinpoint the origins (moments in childhood, messages from media, etc) that have influenced your fear, weed them out through mantras, meditation, tapping, hypnosis, etc, and keep speaking up.



(June 22-July 22)

You may feel like you’re grasping at straws for stability and something to ground you, lately. This frantic energy will repel whatever would be able to give you what you want. Instead, focus on what already makes you feel safe and settled in your life right now, acknowledge all you’ve learned recently and how you’re putting it into action. The opportunities for you to stabilize yourself that come from the external world will always be temporary. Seek out what creates stillness and certainty in your internal world, this week, and let the rest fall into place in response.


Jaliessa Sipress

I am an Astrologer, artist and writer focused on creating space for women of color to find calrity and direction in the stars.