Weekly Horoscopes (07/29-08/04)


This week we have a New Moon in Leo (07/31), Mercury stationing direct, and a tense connection between Venus and Uranus flavoring the week. 

Read the horoscopes for your rising, Sun, and Moon signs for advice on how to navigate these transits with as much foresight and self-awareness as possible.


New! I am changing the way horoscopes are done. Below you will see a comment box under each sign’s horoscope for the week. This box is for your own personal answers/immediate responses to the questions posed in the horoscope for that week; it could be how the content relates to you and where you currently are in your life, what you want to focus on this week, and/or how you’ll implement the information you just read.

This change is a response to the way I think horoscopes have become part of consumerist culture- read once and discarded, adding to all of the other noise on the internet that overloads our brains and never gets put to good use. This new form of interactive horoscopes is meant to create a space for you to stop, reflect, and set intentions for your week alongside a community. My content from here on out will be a product of what I learn from you through your answers each week. Join in below!

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(July 23-Aug. 22)

Your fiery New Moon is being served up hot, this week. Take a moment to think about all you have let go of in the last year and all of the growth you’ve done. What areas do you feel you’ve grown the most in? Where could you do a little more work? What has all that you’ve cleared out made room for? Your New Moon is your opportunity to direct the Lunar energy in favor of your evolution. Know that you deserve all the blessings and that the discomfort that comes with them is nothing but growing pains that put all of the good into clearer focus.


(Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

Things may feel like they are at a standstill, right now; like you are at the liberty of time and space and have no choice but to flow in the current provided to you. While it may feel uncomfortable, this liminal space is an important part of your growth. You now have an opportunity to see where you usually try to exert control and decide to act and respond differently. What happens when you are forced to keep yourself at a distance? When you’re kept from “doing” and are forced to just witness and be? This is your lesson, right now.


(Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

This is your week to really revamp your intimate connections. Whatever has become stale and/or a product of routine and unhelpful belief needs to be aired out and shifted. What specific ways of relating have become habitual instead of intentional? In what areas do you think you could slow down, and where could you push yourself a little more? The answers and opportunities could lie in the details, or could be woven within larger dynamics. Pinpoint where you feel you can make the most sustainable progress and start there.


(Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

This week, for you, revolves around the concept of respect. What does “respect” mean to you? Who do you want to be respected by, and what for? In order for us to feel respected, we have to take risks and put ourselves and our best work out into the world to be received and assessed. Don’t shy away from being bold and making a full show of your power, right now. It’s Leo season. Everyone has been waiting to see and help support your shine.



(Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

Nobody can take your power from you (especially not in Leo season). This New Moon highlights your need to stand up for yourself and your truth. What and who in your life right now isn’t measuring up to how you want to be treated and what you want to be true about who you are and what you tolerate? What would be the best method to address this? Remember where your values lie and that when you stand in your truth, you give other people the courage to do the same.


(Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

You may feel slightly self-conscious or fearful about the new ways you’re stepping into the spotlight, right now. Remember that the weirdest and most human parts of you are the most interesting and are what people relate to. The more polished you try to become, the more your message will fall flat. Do everything you can to reinforce your right to have a voice and for that voice to still be in-progress as you use it. We are all just figuring it out as we go. Give yourself room to do the same.


(Jan. 20-Feb.18)

The New Moon, this week, resides in your house of partnership and the reflections you see of yourself in others. Take some time to think about what you admire about the people you have around you. Are these also qualities that you can see, admire, and respect in yourself? What do you see in them that you want to help heal? Are these things that you must heal in yourself, first? Listen to what your relationships have to tell you about your growth and your power. They have lots to say, this week. 


(Feb.19-March 20)

Whatever monotonous parts of your life that are getting stale need some extra love and attention, this week. Maybe it’s the way you get dressed in the morning, the way you wash dishes, your morning commute, etc. Whatever comes to mind for you that feels bored and tired, how can you bring new life, excitement and fun to it? Nothing has to be a drag if you don’t want it to be. Take back the creative control you have over your life and its details, this week.


(March 21-April 19)

This New Moon in Leo lights up the part of your life that is creative, sexual, and fun. What activities, people, places, etc bring out the passion in you? What makes you feel exhilarated and excited about life? Those are the things to submerse yourself in, this week. Make them a priority. Put the dance parties, collage nights, and hot dates in your calendar next to your other “obligations.” What’s the point of maintaining the structure of your life if you aren’t enjoying the fruits of all of that labor? This is your time to play.


(April 20-May 20)

This week’s New Moon is in your fourth house of roots, and it’s time to investigate what that really means to you. What kinds of connections, spaces, conversations, etc make you feel like you belong? How can you express your gratitude to those who help facilitate safe space for you to love yourself and heal? The foundation you’ve been building is fertile. Take some time to revel in this abundance and figure out how you can honor it, this week. 



(May 21-June 21)

This week sheds light on all you have learned, recently and what you have to offer, in turn. Ask yourself: what lessons have I learned and what of these new revelations can I share with my community? Your voice and opinion are important. Sharing information through your own lens and perspective helps people to see themselves and resonate with what you have to offer on a deeper level. Figure out how you can speak up and let yourself be seen so that others may do the same, this week.



(June 22-July 22)

A Leo New Moon is an opportunity for you to figure out what is actually providing stability in your life, and what you’ve just been spinning your wheels on, financially, emotionally, energetically and otherwise. What relationships, spaces, investments, etc seem to be helping to sustain you and your ventures right now? And which of them are bearing no fruit and may even be running you dry? Remaining connected to things out of obligation or niceties isn’t helping anyone grow. Initiating the change will be tough, but the energy and opportunity it will provide you will be well worth it.


Jaliessa Sipress

I am an Astrologer, artist and writer focused on creating space for women of color to find calrity and direction in the stars.