Weekly Horoscopes (10/07-10/13)


With the Sun squaring Saturn, and Venus moving into Scorpio, and then opposing Uranus, this week may feel very intense.

The way to deal with intensity is to receive it-not react or try to match it, just let it move through. Notice what your reactions are, get curious about where they come from.

Any impulsive decisions, sudden irritation, and/or spite should move up and out quickly if you don’t fight it or try to act on it. When these things do come up, try and sit with them, ask them what they are trying to teach you, and know you can handle it. 

By The Full Moon on the 13th, you’ll get the information you need to move forward and expand in the direction of your desires.

The questions below are for you to answer. Each question is meant to help you zero in on how the Astrology of this week will affect a specific area of your life with presence and intention. This format is meant to help guide you in getting in touch with your own insight around how to navigate the current cosmic climate.

Earth insight of the week (money, stability, structure, worth, etc):

What is your response to a shift or shake up in your stability? Is this a response you want to have?

Fire insight of the week (creativity, sexuality, etc):

What creative or physical outlets do you have to move and release any intensity that manifests in your body, this week?


Water insight of the week (emotion, intuition, spirit, etc):

What practices bring you back to a place of trust (in the universe, yourself, whatever guides you) when things get out of hand?


Air insight of the week (mind, understanding, communication, relationships, etc):

Where does your mind tend to get fixated when things get hectic? What tools do you have to shift gears if the behaviour isn’t beneficial?


Jaliessa Sipress

I am an Astrologer, artist and writer focused on creating space for women of color to find calrity and direction in the stars.