Weekly Horoscopes (08/20-08/26)


Fresh out of Mercury retrograde, we enter into the brand new energy of Virgo season, this week.

Virgo is the sign that transports us out of the high-energy of Summer and introduces us to the cooling effects of Fall, here in the Northern Hemisphere.

But, before Fall comes the limbo between now and then; a transition period.

Read your Rising, Sun and Moon sign horoscopes (in that order) below to get a grip on how best to use this transformative time.

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(Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

Happy Solar Return, Virgo! You have made it another year around the Sun. This is the time when you find your peace. You’re worth does not lie in how much other people need you. You have just as much of a right as anyone else to exist just for yourself. Your ability to give to others should come from the overflow of your cup not from a glass half full. Protect your joy and never be afraid to say “no.” Put all you’ve got into getting what you want and don’t slow down for anyone. Your new year has arrived. It’s time to stop playing small.



(Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

Virgo season activates the world of your subconscious. This time of year is when you have more access to your compassion, and a sense of “oneness” with the world around you feels palpable. Prioritize moments of solitude, this week. Set a timer on your phone that just says “close your eyes and breathe” at random times of the day, and follow it. Dig deeper into your dreamwork, meditation, and creative play. Beware that heightened sensitivity often comes with heightened anxiety. Be careful whose energy you invite into your space, now. You are who you hang around. Curate surroundings that mirror beauty, love and bliss as often as possible. You’re on a new path and you can feel it. Enjoy the journey.



(Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

If Eclipse season left you feeling a little shaken, use this week to settle back in. Change may not be your favorite, but your evolution requires it. If you are having a hard time adjusting, remind yourself of all that has remained as you have grown; the people who have stuck by you, the place you live, the things you like to do. These things have all remained, but they haven’t stayed stagnant and neither should you. This week, I challenge you to initiate one new change in your life so that you can feel more like an agent in your growth, encouraging things to happen for you instead of to you. Maybe you will decide to stop gossiping for good, choose to get up an hour earlier, change your appearance, or your route to work. Big or small, commit to something new that can help to change your perspective. All opportunity is available to you once you decide to lean in and ride the wave of the process as it unfolds.



(Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

Virgo season brightens your tenth house of social standing and opens up new doors for you to level up. As opportunities come knocking, or as you seek them out, remember who you are. Remember why you do what you do. Try not to get caught up in numbers, stats or even the cash being offered. Whatever you align yourself with must in some way speak to your version of truth. Don’t let anyone tell you who you are and how you can be an asset to them. Your “yes” should always come from a place of knowing how platforms and people can further your message and uplift the communities you seek to serve. It will always be tempting to take what is given to you with a shiny promise of success, but in the end it will mean nothing to you if you don’t stay true to you.



(Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

If the eclipses did not push you too far out of your comfort zone, it’s time to push yourself. As a cardinal earth sign, you only move when you are 100% ready, but what’s the fun in that? This week, I challenge you to do something that scares you, something that serves you a huge side of risk with the reward. You tend to be known for going by-the-book, even though your bold ideas and variety of skills and talents have the potential to make you a model trendsetter. There are lots of quotes about how no one changes the world by playing it safe. This week, pull an idea from the list of ones you’ve squirreled away out of fear and commit to seeing it through in some meaningful way, now.



(Jan. 20-Feb.18)

This week for you is all about independence. Financial, relational or otherwise, whether you feel ready or not, the training wheels are about to come off where you thought you needed them the most. Whatever you have been hiding from, pawning off on someone else or paying other people to do, it’s time to get your hands dirty and learn a new skill that will help you to stand more solidly on your own two feet. Maybe it’s taxes, car stuff, cooking, cleaning or not phoning a friend when you don’t know “the right thing to say.” Whatever it is, make some sort of pact with yourself to own it for yourself, by yourself. Once you do, you can still call the cleaning lady or the tax person when you’re way in over your head, but “I can’t” should no longer be part of the conversation.  



(Feb.19-March 20)

You are halfway through your Solar Return (birthday) year. Reflect on what you set out to accomplish this year and how that has panned out for you. This is a time to gather the fruits of your labor. What wins are you harvesting? What have you brought to life and seen through that you can be proud of? When you set new goals, think about what you want to celebrate in the same way by the time your next birthday rolls around. Feel the strength that it has taken you to carry yourself this far. Pick some ways to celebrate and offer gratitude to yourself this week and just keep pushing.



(March 21-April 19)

As a sign ruled by Mars, your energy levels can sometimes get the best of you. Just because you can do everything doesn’t mean you should. How many important things, like eating, deep breath, water and things you just do for pleasure and fun, fall be the wayside when you just fly by the seat of your pants? This week, revamp your schedule to make it something you want to stick to. Balance days with tasks that require extensive energy with intentional rest. Schedule in time to call someone you love and set aside five minutes a day to just sit, breathe and be thankful. Your energy deserves to be used purposefully. This week, and always, make every energetic investment count.



(April 20-May 20)

Virgo season brings a bit of magic and excitement into your life with earth energy that wants you to enjoy yourself. Lately, you’ve been hard at work, arranging and rearranging your priorities and slowing down and speeding up your pace and process according to what’s necessary. This week, engage in activities that allow you to melt into the moment. Take a trip to the forest, river or ocean. Take an art class or go for a long bike ride. Sink into life’s sensual pleasures that drive your passion and feed you in ways that material accomplishment can’t. Your purpose on this earth is to be present. This week, find ways to prioritize and invite in the little things that make life worth living.  



(May 21-June 21)

This year, Virgo season not only activates your ruling planet, but also marks the end of its retrograde, for now. If things have been hectic, ease should be able to find its way in, this week, but you have to be the one to make room. Check yourself when you start mindlessly scrolling or riding the waves of the feedback loops in your head rather than being present and purposeful about where you put your attention. You are sign fueled by information, and following your curiosity is important for your mental health. This week, check in with the ways that you may have been overwhelming yourself or getting stuck on specifics and figure out some new, healthy replacements that engage your brain, your body and feel refreshing and fun.



(June 22-July 22)

Last week, you challenged the assumptions you make and where they come from. Now that you have learned to separate your actions from what other people might think or need, you can now embark on a journey of true self-discovery. This week, try to start everyday from an embodied place. When you wake up in the morning, set intentions for the day, before it starts, that center what you love and want out of the time you have been given. Whenever you catch yourself focusing of what other people might be thinking, wanting or feeling, come back and instead ask yourself those questions. This is your life, and you are responsible for whatever you say “yes” to. Only act on what feels aligned with how you feel and what you want to do and leave the rest.



(July 23-Aug. 22)

Your season is officially over, but your year has just started, Leo! As the Sun moves into Virgo, it illuminates your second house of stability and self-worth. Hopefully, your birthday reminded you of how special and important you and your dreams are. If not, this is your reminder that you should be pushing you and your dreams to the top of your list. Your happiness, what makes you smile, and whatever gives you that full-bodied feeling is what you should always follow. This week is also the time to check in with your finances. Make sure that all of the places where you trade your energy for money feel like an equitable exchange. Create budgets and savings plans that prioritize what bring you joy. Cut any unnecessary monetary or energetic exchanges and focus on what investments give you the most fulfilling returns.

Jaliessa Sipress

I am an Astrologer, artist and writer focused on creating space for women of color to find calrity and direction in the stars.