Weekly Horoscopes (08/13-08/19)


A universal sigh of relief fills the air as Mercury retrograde comes to a close and we finally become clear from the direct weight of eclipse season, this week.

Although it’s tempting to distract yourself or run from the hard stuff as the pressure eases up, don’t give in.  

The effects of eclipse season echo far beyond the actual dates, and actually ring throughout the six months in between them.

Now is the time to integrate, not shy away from, the lessons you’ve learned.

This week has very little exact transits involving major planets and is mostly for recovery, reflection and re-building. Mars entered back into Capricorn on the 12th and will support you in securing a rock-solid foundation before you can make any big moves to celebrate Mercury’s new movement.

Read your Rising, Sun and Moon sign horoscopes (in that order) below to gain further insight into the “what now?!” of this post-Eclipse and pre-post-Retrograde limbo.

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(July 23-Aug. 22)

The final Solar Eclipse in your sign caused quite the scene, huh? If it didn’t, you may need to be paying more attention. Whether the eclipse brought great gifts or sorrow, it definitely brought you a lesson in something. It is important to understand what that is so that you can move forward more aligned with what the universe wants for you. Right now, clarity is your keyword and you can find it through journaling, meditation, breathing and cleaning. The celebration of your Solar Return, as well as Mercury Rx, is coming to a close and it will soon be time to get back on your grind. Savor your last bit of respite by using it to feel so sure about your values, desires, wants and needs (and the difference between them) that you can leave the last solar year behind feeling unshakable.




(Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

The Solar Eclipse may have brought and left an overhang of heavy energy that you can’t quite put your finger on, but you know you can’t give half of what you’re usually capable of giving. Well, this Eclipse was a test to see what you lean on when you can’t just lean on yourself and your will to serve. If you’ve felt the need to retreat and have realized that the world won’t let you, you may need to reassess the signals that you have been sending. People expect consistency. If people are expecting a lot from you, it is probably because you have given too much in an effort to be everything to everyone, when that’s not your job. What is your job is taking responsibility for overstating what your capacity is. It’s time to reset your standards, Virgo. This week, seek clarity around what it is people expect from you and then figure out what you can actually, sustainably give. You’ve reached your breaking point for a reason, it’s time to speak up.  



(Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

You have been doing a lot of housekeeping and cleaning your closet of old habits and relationships. Congratulations, you are now seeing the other side-but you are still in the settling stage. This week is a time of preparation and learning the ropes of your new groove. You will now be tested to see if what you have been committing to will stick. People you set boundaries with may seem to have seen the light and want back in and old urges may tempt you. It is of the utmost importance that you stand strong in your new resolve and don’t give into the guilt. Whenever you feel like you may give in, use writing as a tool to work through the feels and remind yourself of why you are doing what you are doing and the larger values and goals these behaviours support.



(Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

The Eclipses happening in such hot spaces of your chart may have caught you off-guard, but you undoubtedly deserve everything good that comes to you. As opportunity comes knocking, your one block may be your ability to trust it. You are a highly psychological sign and this can get in your way when you try to dig too far and too deep into perceived ulterior motives and hidden agendas that often aren’t even there. The problem is, if you look for trouble, you’ll find it. Don’t sabotage your own success, Scorpio. Now is the time to embrace all of your options and trust that you are only being given that which you can handle. The break this week gives us all is a great time to continue to work through your psyche and rewire the parts that place more importance on your fear than the brightness of your future.



(Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

This Leo season may have riled your fiery heart and set you on a new adventure, whether physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual or a combination of the four. This is a great time to be planning but the one thing you may be forgetting is presence. You are a sign ruled by Jupiter, an expansive planet that sometimes seems to have an insatiable appetite. Don’t let yourself become so focused on the future that you forget how to enjoy the process of getting there. With each task you take on this week, try and find the parts of it that you enjoy that are present-oriented. Explore tasks that get you lost in the moment and create new ways of going about old routines that make them feel exciting and new. The future and your projected destinations are not guaranteed. Step into the sensuality of the world around you and prioritize ways you can love your life the way it is right now. 




(Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

Mars moved into your sign on the 12th which may give you a boost in energy. This boost should be used to finish what you have already started, to clean your home and work spaces, and to tie up any loose ends while Mercury is still retrograde. The momentum you will build from the feeling of completion that tending to these tasks will give you will amplify the possibility of completion of the projects you take on when the Mercury Rx is over. Now, Mars is still retrograde, which is the only reason it has slid back into your sign. Be mindful of any ways this may cause anxious tension in your body by starting your days with breath and some sort of physical flow. Once this “finishing” week is over, you will feel pushed to start something new, so use your time now in service of your future success.



(Jan. 20-Feb.18)

What a rocky road this Eclipse season has been. How does it feel to know you made it through? Now, as you stand on the other side, there is no way to move forward without setting new standards. Standards around how you prioritize your emotional well-being, how you show up in your relationships and how you see yourself. You have been washed anew in some really exciting ways. It will serve you to take a moment to set some intentions about what it means to honor all of the work you have done to get to this point. This week, create concrete intentions around how you are deciding to see yourself, and everything around you, from this day forward. The list can be in the form of mantra, affirmation, or whatever feels appropriate for this new period in your life. The important thing is that you state the change and make the conscious choice to step into it everyday; through how you speak, what you say, how you dress, how you listen, what you listen to and what you choose to invest your energy into. It’s the dawn of a new day for you, Aquarius, own it.  



(Feb.19-March 20)

Pisces, this week is all about learning what your perfect portion is. How many times do you (and the rest of us) fill your plate with more food than you need, but eat it because you feel like you’ve already committed, or because it feels good going down, but it leaves you stuffed, bloated and regretful later? You can use these moments as reference points for a larger life lesson. If this Eclipse felt hard, it may have been because you have been making things hard, by loading up your plate with duties and tasks out of perceived obligation or temporary satisfaction and then ending up using all of your alone time just to recover. If so, this cycle has to stop. This week, think about what you have committed to and why. Do those reasons seem equal to the labor it will require of you to fulfill them? If not, it is time to set boundaries and lay out a plan for how you will avoid biting off more than you can chew in the future. Your vetting process needs adjusting and there is no better time than now.



(March 21-April 19)

As you ruling planet gets comfortable in the sign of Capricorn this week, it is not only a time to think about structure, order, tradition and longevity, but also about authenticity. Capricorn is the sea-goat, an impossible creature that builds its foundation on its unapologetic commitment to exactly who it is and what it values. As your planet transits through this brave sign, how can you use its energy to take a few steps closer to embracing your authentic self? First of all, who is your authentic self? What characteristics, actions and values are this identity comprised of? Answering these questions and stepping into the unapologetic nature of Capricorn energy is what will seal the deal on any material success you have now and forever. So, use your time now to start the conversation around a commitment that should last a lifetime.


(April 20-May 20)

Taurus: How are you feeling from last week’s lesson? Have you found some winning ways to support yourself and avoid seeking surface stimulation? If not, this week offers you a bit more time, but soon it will be time to kick it into high gear. We are already halfway through August and even closer to Virgo season. By the time it becomes your fellow Earth sign’s time to shine, you will want to have some solid ground to stand on. Virgo season re-ignites your passionate side, and if you don’t set the terms of your stability now, you run the risk of breezing through the rest of this season without much to show for it.There are exciting opportunities on the horizon for you. Use the oncoming energy as a reason to perfect your strategies for emotional, mental, physical and spiritual alignment so that when the cliff-jump comes again, you’re ready to face your fear and take the leap of a lifetime.



(May 21-June 21)

Your ruling planet, Mercury, stations direct this weekend and receives a nod from Venus, too. This is an incredible omen for the way that the Fall season may start for you, but you still have a little bit of time before the big moment. This week is all about turning inward. Your perspective on the world is what shapes your entire experience of living in it. As we prepare to get back into the groove, and eclipse and retrograde season begin to ease up, use as much of your time this week to check in with your overall perspective. Where do you see yourself being in a year? Two years? Five? What kind of energy will that place require of you? And what kind of mindset do you need to be in to get there? Take all of these things into careful consideration now while you have the time.



(June 22-July 22)

This week is all about adjusting your assumptions. Assumptions about how other people feel or what they can do for you, and assumptions you make about what you can and cannot handle committing to. Eclipse season came and went in effort to show you how dangerous your assumptions can be when you let them play too big of a part in your perspective. It’s time to check yourself, Cancer. The spot you’ve earned at the top was because of all of the work you have put in to to get here. Focusing on what other people can and can’t, or should or shouldn’t, do only degrades your ability to see yourself and your own needs clearly. This week, try not to assume anything. Try operating purely from a place of what your true capacity is and see how others respond. Don’t assume of others what you wouldn’t want assumed of yourself. Step fully into your own skin and focus on your preferred pace and the world will start to form around you as it should.

Jaliessa Sipress

I am an Astrologer, artist and writer focused on creating space for women of color to find calrity and direction in the stars.