Weekly Horoscopes (07/30-08/05/2018)


This week, we are reminded of how fast time flies as we enter into the eighth month of the year.

August begins in the middle of Eclipse and retrograde season and it can be hard to tell that we have entered any new energy.

Use this week as a pause, a time to take inventory of all you have conquered and overcome so far this year as well as during eclipse and retrograde season. Take note of what has changed since the first Eclipse (07/12) and set intentions for what you still want to let go of at the finale of eclipse season next week.

Use the horoscopes for your Sun, Moon and Rising signs below as guideposts for cutting through and moving forward and making the most out of the last of Summer.


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(July 23-Aug. 22)

How does it feel to celebrate another Solar Return season, Leo? You have so much to celebrate! Your season started out with a good omen (a Venus-Jupiter sextile), a suggestion that great acceleration in all matters of love, money, self-worth and stability is in store for you this year. Don’t let the retrograde fool you. Mercury’s position only serves to make sure you are being reflective, present and intentional. At some point this week, reminisce on all of your successes and congratulate yourself for tackling the challenges that were presented to you in the last year. Then, make a list of what you learned and what your goals are for the year ahead of you and create systems for keeping yourself accountable to your dreams. Don't be discouraged, Leo, this is your year. 



(Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

The Lunar Eclipse asked you to rethink how you create structure in your life and may have put a wrench in or created more momentum around some of your plans. Now is the time to assess if any of your systems have gone stale. Think about the tools and tricks you use to keep your daily life organized. Are these ways of thinking and working in your best interest? Or have you started to run on autopilot in a way that has dulled your daily life? This week, implement new rules and routines that are in alignment with your highest values; down to the time you wake up in the morning and how you brush your teeth. Your regiments should empower you and help you love your life. Get as close to this as possible so you can manifest from a place of contentment and enthusiasm about adding something to what you already have instead of trying to “fix” anything. It’s time to reinforce your foundation so that you can dream and build a little bigger.



(Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

The eclipses have straddled the places in your chart that govern how you include your network in what you feel passionate about, and how what your passionate about is embraced and supported by your network. Now, in between the Lunar Eclipse and the last Solar Eclipse of the season, is a time to get serious about what you hold passion for. There is no more time to waste on treading water. There is larger call for you to center what you love and to ask yourself how the people around you can be apart of this transition. This week, make a list of what you would be doing with your time if you had complete financial freedom. Then, pick three things off of that list and commit to bringing them in your life, now. Bring that list to three to five people in your life you think could help you and brainstorm with them ways you can start to implement more of what you love into your life. Ask them how they will support you in doing so. It’s time to get serious about loving your life with no exceptions, Libra.



(Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

With one of your ruling planets messing with the likes of Uranus, this is your week to explore, Scorpio. If you have been particularly drawn to a type of person, place, style, way of working, etc, now is the time to give in to the impulse of exploration. Everything major has been put on pause because of retrograde, so now is the perfect time to dig in to something new just for the thrill of the trial. (Warning: this does not apply to people’s feelings. Be very wary of trying someone out without being aware of what your intentions are and stating them clearly.) This is a great week to engage in new exercise routines, artistic practices, beauty techniques or styles and to try out any and everything that has little to no risk if it doesn’t work and all of the excitement and reward if you find a new avenue to help express yourself and your desires more clearly. The world is your oyster.



(Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

The retrogrades in your fellow fire sign may feel heavy to you, too, and this eclipse season has been a hell of a ride. This week, it will be important for you to get out of your immediate surroundings and process all that has happened in a new way. Try to watch a mind-bending movie, attend a lecture, make a short trip to a neighboring city or have a night in with a couple of friends with some interesting perspectives. You need a fresh breath of air in the realm of your psyche and world perception. You know that this life is about something larger than you, but lately it may be feel like everything is closing in. Broaden your range and depth of process by intentionally surrounding yourself with people, places and things that hold value and meaning to you beyond what is happening in the here-and-now. You need space for your mind and spirit to run free. Find a forest or a comfortable shoulder to lean on and unload any sorrow you’ve been carrying so you can tackle the rest of this season and year with sharpness of mind and lightness of heart.



(Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

The last two eclipses of the season straddle the houses responsible for how you relate to and manage money. This week, between last week’s Lunar eclipse and next week’s Solar Eclipse, is an incredible time to assess your relationship to resources. It may seem like a bore, but laying out your financial situation and cleaning out your living and working spaces of objects you don’t need is an incredibly empowering and refreshing process. Make a list of all of your debt, calculate how much you made v. how much you spent for the past three months and create a list of assets. Make savings goals and spending adjustments and dig deep into your feelings, fears and blocks around money. The upcoming eclipse has the potential to move the wheel of your financial cycle so you can come away with a renewed sense of control and power. The more you take advantage of this time now, the less you will have to do later. At some point this week, bite the bullet and face your financial facts head-on. Next week, when the eclipse has come and gone, you will be glad that you did something to move yourself forward and take your power back in a big way.



(Jan. 20-Feb.18)

The Lunar Eclipse came for your first house and therefore may have affected you more than those around you. Emotions and sensitivity may run high and move fast, now, and it may feel hard for you to keep up with how to implement all of the information the universe is sending you. If you can, take this week slow. Give in to the impulse to pair down your to-do list, put as much on automation as possible (bills, emails, tasks with deadlines) and become present with what wants to face you. To be honest, the retrograde won’t have it any other way. You’re the water bearer who often talks about emotions like they are philosophical concepts and not real, material experiences with physical consequences. Adopt some sort of practice to actually dive into the water you carry so that you can come away from this eclipse season feeling refreshed and wiped clean, instead of bearing a heavier burden.



(Feb.19-March 20)

Sometimes, moving through the physical world for you becomes just going through the motions. You have a million and one things going on in your mind that cycle through as you brush your teeth, drive to work, get your groceries and live out your life. But this eclipse season has challenged the separation between what you get up everyday and do and what you get up everyday and think about. Your visionary nature deserves a place in your physical world. Whether it manifests as journaling every morning (or whenever you get an idea), playing different playlists for different moods, or finding podcasts or TED talks that match the ideas you’ve been thinking through while you drive or cook, it is important that you find ways to infuse everything you do with meaning and express yourself as fully and authentically as possible. This week, try your best to become fully present in every task you take on by consciously making your environment an extension of your inner world.



(March 21-April 19)

Your ruling planet, Mars, has a surprising and disruptive meeting with Uranus, this week, and it may be hard for you to concentrate on the task at hand. Do your best not to engage in the extremely enticing impulsions Uranus may encourage. You have a good thing going, Aries, and I’d hate to see you throw it all away for something with no guarantees. Your planet is still retrograde and this poke from Uranus is a mere test to see how much you’ve learned. Nix any chance of wandering into danger by making a clear list of your moral and material intentions for the week. Make sure to include why these things are important to you and what larger values or goals the represent. Then, any time you’re feeling the urge to wander, you can take out the list to compare the immediacy of whenever you’re feeling to the long-term consequences it may cost. (P.S. This is a good practice for any week!)



(April 20-May 20)

This time of the year may feel like the moment where you’re on the edge of a cliff. You continue to nervously glance over the edge and debate whether or not the reward of jumping is worth the risk. Let me tell you Taurus, it is. You can only waiver back and forth on the precipice for so long before you and the people around you go mad. If you haven’t taken the leap in your life yet (to quit your job, leave the relationship, tell that person how you feel, email that company, start that project, etc), Mercury retrograde has now put a pin in the process. This will give you some extra time, but you must use it wisely. Get all of your ducks in a row. Talk to other people who have jumped off the same cliff you’re about to and ask how it went for them. Change your sleeping, eating and grooming habits to reflect who you want to be. Make sure all of the people around you are interested in your evolution. Prepare yourself as best as possible now so that when it comes time to face that ledge again (which will be soon), the strength of your own faith, as well as the  support around you, will carry you safely into the depths of where you need to go next.



(May 21-June 21)

The last few weeks have been a roller coaster of trial and error, and you’ve learned a lot about how you react in a multitude of situations. You’ve experimented (hopefully) and found a few news ways to address old problems. Well, welcome to the other side. Whether or not you want to admit it, you’ve changed, Gemini, and it’s all for the better. This week, take a look at how these changes that you’ve made as a reaction or out of survival can now be used more intentionally towards benefitting those around you. If you have recently learned a new legal or technical skill, who in your community might benefit from you teaching about it? Or, if you’ve come to a new revelation, how could you share your story to help others find their own, similar truths? Your creativity and innovative potential is endless, use your life as reference and make yourself available to help facilitate the expansion of those who made need a little more help on their journey.



(June 22-July 22)


The aftermath of your season, the drama of the eclipses and the onset of Mercury Retrograde may have you exhausted. But, all of that discomfort you’re experiencing is actually just growing pains. You’re coming up and growing out of all of the dynamics that drain you and it’s been taxing to implement boundaries, take care of those you love, dig deeper into yourself and learn to ask for help all at one time, to say the least. This week, you deserve a big break. It’s Leo season, a time for celebration and light. Mercury retrograde will stop you from starting anything too major, anyway, so why not just celebrate the fact that you’re thriving? Once you take a step back, you will see where you were and you’ll understand all there is to celebrate. Welcome to your new home at the top. You’ve come a long way, Cancer.





Jaliessa Sipress

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