I’m Jaliessa Sipress.

An Astrologer, writer and artist obsessed with Dr. Martens shoes and helping people love themselves and their lives more.


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I first started on my path as an Astrologer when I worked at a spa in my hometown of Portland, OR.

My co-workers and I all talked Astrology in between them rubbing people’s bad backs and me stirring Magnesium into hot water for people to soak their feet in, but I have been in the business of caring too much about other people and their problems ever since I can remember.

Once a co-worker at the spa mentioned an Astrology conference in San Francisco, I realized that there were other people who were just as fascinated by Astrology as I was.

That week, I got my first Astrology book from Powell’s and started reading anyone's chart who would let me.

Over time, my devotion to Astrology became comparable to my dedication to helping people and the two ended up getting married and starting this business.

Now, my dedication to making wellness accessible through Astrology has lead me to work with some of my favorite companies, like Girlboss, Essence Magazine, TheHoodwitch, Chakrubs and more, in addition to seeing incredible private clients from every (habitable) continent of the world.

When I am not analyzing charts, writing, reading, or talking about Astrology and wellness, I like to cook, hike, practice yoga, and make art.



"I came away with some powerful ideas about how to get out of my own way and start living a life more aligned with what I want."


She revealed aspects of my personality that years of therapy haven't uncovered. I left with not just interesting information but concrete knowledge I can use to make decisions going forward.

-Sherrod F.

"She gave down-to-earth examples of certain thought processes and patterns of behavior I might have, along with tangible suggestions for change and coping"

-Chantel L.

"I felt like she could offer up how I might work with the energies of my natal chart to heal and get to where universe + my soul self are wanting me to go."

-Selina P.